Yanyu Zhou’s Bio

Dr. Yanyu Zhouearned her Ph. D in education from the University of Maryland in U.S.A and her master’s degree ineducation from McGill University in Canada. She also got her graduate diploma in Ethics in Renmin University of China andher bachelor’s degree in political science in Guangxi University forNationalities in China.Currently, Yanyu works for Action for Healthy Communities, a charity with amission to improve comprehensive and holistic health of diverse communities, asProgram Manager in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Prior to this position, sheworked as Associate Director of Confucius Institute at Pace University in NewYork, U.S.A in 2010 and as the Principal for Kwong Kow ChineseSchool, in Boston,MA, U.S.A in 2008. In addition,she was a faculty member in both School of Education of Guangzhou Universityand in GuangxiUniversity for Nationalities in China.

Dr. Zhou has been passionate about naturemedicine/alternative medicine/traditional Yangsheng medicine since 1998. As abeneficiary of a kind of traditional Chinese holistichealing method herself, shehas been becoming a practitioner and a researcher on traditional Yangshengmedicine and comprehensive health for nearly twenty years. As an advocateof traditionalYangsheng medicine and holistic health, she has done numerous ofpresentations at international professional conferences. Her research includes,but not limited to, Eastern philosophy and meditation and the implication for education, education for innerharmony, Traditional Chinese Qigong phenomenon, Eastern meditation and its implication for cognitive science,Traditional Chinese Qigong and inner peace, the effects of Traditional ChineseQigong on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, traditional Yangshengmedicine and longevity, etc. Yanyu is an Associate in Research inFairbank Center for Chinese Studies in Harvard University as well as the author of a book, numerous book chapters, and peer-reviewed journal articles. Dr. Zhou’sinterests include Traditional Chinese Medicine, traditionalYangsheng medicine, philosophy, ethics, science, education, literature, andarts.